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Learning the alphabet is an important part of early childhood. For kindergarten readiness, we suggest singing the alphabet and make repetition part of a routine. We sing other alphabet songs weekly from our flip chart (and you can have the words if you ask us for them!). 

Reading alphabet books is also a good resource for a visual and also could be hands-on with a look-and-see book and I-Spy books with letters. 

Alphabet puzzles are also a good visual for learning. They don’t have to go right back in their spot in the puzzle frame either. Keep them out, lay them on the table, have your child find the letters in their name, sibling’s names, etc. 

Ask your child to think of words that start with those letters so you are focusing on the individual sounds of the letters. 


9/12-9/17 colors/shapes

9/20-9/24 fall

9/27-10/1 pirates

10/4-10/8 fire safety/community helpers


We have noticed that many of our boys and girls want to be first...for lunch, to line up, at a game/activity, to get up from group or the table, or even just to come to school the earliest in the morning. We have been having many discussions about how being first doesn’t always matter. We are generally all going to the same place anyway, so why rush to be first!? We have been working on waiting and watching and moving our body when it is time. 

These are the steps for the skill, “Wanting to Be First”:

1. Say “Everybody can’t be first” and discuss how others feel when they are not first. Talk about how it is impossible for everyone to be first.

2. Say “It’s okay not to be first”.

3. Stay with it and discuss how some children may quit the activity because they weren’t first.

We will continue to work on these steps to help with the “I’m first!” issue. This will help not only at game time, but other daily routines like lining up and at meal times. 


9/16 National Play-Doh Day

9/19 Emily’s 4th birthday!

9/19 talk like a pirate day

9/26 Georgia’s 4th birthday!

10/3 Grant’s 5th birthday!