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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

We Are Family - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on November 17, 2022 at 3:05 PM

This week was all about our families! We learned a lot! We talked about who was in our families and who had the biggest family! Not everyone did our chart on the door, but it looks like Abigail has the biggest with so many sisters! We made some pictures of our houses and drew our families in the house. We spelled out family member names like mom, dad, sister, brother. Some of our math games were sorting and patterning with the bear family and "making" a pizza with our favorite toppings. We added some play phones in the drama area again and we heard lots of conversations that may or may have been overheard in real life. Some of the children have "ordered" pizza or take-out, called someone up and told them to get home and our favorite is when they talk on the phone and have lengthy conversations with a friend while they are "cooking" at the stove. They are always listening, so be careful what you say! Our sensory table has been filled with shredded paper and names of family members written on cards. We also added some "people" to play with in the table as well. We have gotten to go outside, but it sure is cold out there! We even got just enough snow to make the tiniest of snowballs. The highlight of the week was our Thanksgiving feast! We all took some time to help shake up our home-made butter for our bread and we happily ate all the good stuff out in the Great Room with the rest of the Center. We are truly grateful this holiday season!

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