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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Pirate Fun - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on September 29, 2022 at 3:20 PM


We introduced the theme with a Pirate song and dance called "Silly Pirate". We posted a picture of a Pirate on the word wall with print and pretended to be pirates wearing eye patches and saying "ARGH....".


The children made treasure boxes by stamping with clear cups and yellow paint to make round circles for coins on brown paper, made Telescopes by painting black tubes with yellow paint and sprinkling glitter on top, Pirate Hat- The children colored their hat with crayons and glued on Pirate ship or skull with crossbones, Pirate Ship- Painted a paper plate brown. glued on pole, flag and white hand print on top of the flag, Friday- Pirate- glue on various materials felt hat, eyes, patch and mustache.


Pirate Treasure maps with gems for counting, placing on various items when they found them{treasure, telescope, ship, }, counting treasure coins with treasure boxes one by one as they placed them inside the box, Magnet numbers with cookie sheets to practice number recognition, and Friday match the colored coins while counting and count the coins gathered,

Motor Development

Coins with black velvet bags w/ draw strings to pull open and apart with hands/fingers to manipulate and strengthen grasp, various cups with Pirate tooth picks for poking, stacking/building to balance cups, egg cartons with scoops and gems to practice finger grasp and eye-hand coordination, magnet fishing- the children used colored magnet wands to pick up as many fish as they could using their magnets and Friday, we will lace using pirate lacing cards and shoe strings to practice.

Sensory Table

Sand, gems, coins, treasure boxes and small silver spoons for scooping


Walk the Plank- The children walked the blue line on the floor and balance beam

Treasure Hunt- Friday- the children will try and find the hidden coins outside

Pirate snack- We will make apple and cheese boats