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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Learning About All Sports - Summer School Age

Posted by [email protected] on July 21, 2022 at 3:25 PM

This week's theme is Sports and Coach Charlotte taught the children how to play golf, they did Yoga, exercises, etc, They love it when she comes because they get to run around the Great Room and learn new sports. We learned a lot about Sports this week. The children expressed how much they liked Golf. One child said, "Golf is the safest sport because you cannot get hurt at all because you're by yourself and the ball cannot hurt you. But you can get mad if the ball does not go into the hole."

We did not go on a field trip on Monday due to it raining but that did not stop us from having fun at school! We talked about sports that we liked to play and what we know about sports. We did fun crafts, painted, and made a soccer net out of blocks and legos while it was raining. We went to the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center and we saw a short video in the Planetarium called, "The Little Star That Could". The video was amazing because we learned that the sun is actually a star and we learned how the solar system came about. We ended the week going to the Cleveland History Center and it was pretty cool learning about different things about our history such as aviation, clothes, cars, etc. There was so much we saw that it's hard to name it all! The children especially enjoyed the carousel!

We made some Sports related crafts this week. We painted sports related suncatchers. They made baseball bat, baseball mitten, and glove out of construction paper and they made made a golf ball out of clay. We will paint them white once they dry completely. We also drew pictures of different sports such as Soccer, basketball, and baseball. We also made predictions as to which ball will drop first. Most children guessed it would be the basketball because it was the heaviest,; however, it was actually the golf ball because of it being smaller and lighter. We were shocked but it was interesting and the children really enjoyed learning about which ball will drop first.

At Weaving Supply Co., they painted their ornament and magnet that they made out of clay. Ms. Joanne "cooked" the clay so that they can paint it and she will put it back in the oven to "cook" one more time. We have 3 more sessions at Weaving Supply Company and the children are sadden but Ms. Joanne reminded the children that they can always come to back with their parents and do fun crafts.

Our field trips next week: Great Lakes Science Center, Huntington Reservation, and Kauffman Park.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

-Ms. Michelle

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