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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

All About Colors and Shapes - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on September 15, 2022 at 5:00 PM


We introduced colors/shapes by having the children come up to word wall board and point to shape asked by teachers. Each day is a different color and shape so we can practice recognition, along with all the activities that are related to shapes/colors.


Blue circles- the children stamped with 2 different cup sizes on paper with blue paint to make circle shapes- Red Square- the children glued on red paper squares to a big white square shape paper-Green Triangle- we stamped with Triangle shape stampers on green paper, Green Rectangle- stamped with rectangle shape sponges, S for star-glue letter S on black paper use Q-tips with white paint to stamp and make stars.


Color shape drop sorters to practice where shapes belong/fit and drop in bucket, Number bubble gum machine- place the colored chips on top of the bubble gum balls and practice counting ,dot sticker color shapes-place the same color dot stickers to same color paper, yellow duck patterning- place the same size duck to pattern on paper that fits to practice size.

Motor Development

Shape puzzles to practice hand/finger manipulation to make the pieces fit, large button shape lacing with pipe cleaners to practice with a sturdy grip, yellow magnet drawing boards with writing tool to practice making shapes ,lines ,scribbles and finger/hand grasp, and Friday Star links to practice making a chain by snapping links together.

Sensory Table

Colored shape links/sand/ladles


Shape Dice- the children rolled the die and named the shape it landed on

Health & Wellness- Make a Rainbow Pita{peppers, cream cheese & pita}

Paper plate paddles w/ balloons outside

Classroom Rules- Review and view rules- walking feet, safe hands and teeth are for food

Discovering Our Friends - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on September 8, 2022 at 3:25 PM


We introduced the theme by holding hands at group time while sitting in a circle and listening to "Friends Forever" song from good old "Barney".

Closed Monday


We made a "Friendship Tree" by stamping the children's hand prints all over a big tree poster board, Friendship Chain by decorating links of paper with stickers/markers, and Friday we will decorate quilt square with hand print to add to our quilt we started during "All About Me" week.


The children practiced their colors by matching chip clips to paper hearts, All about me colored cups with small counter people to match same color cups, Learning friends color match w/ dot stickers, and Friday, color sticker matching on the wall to continue practicing color recognition and name.

Motor Development

Connecting rainbow people to work fingers/hands to snap together to make a chain of people, peel the colored tape off the table to strengthen fingers and grip, colored straws lacing w/ pipe cleaners to make a {Friendship bracelet}, and Friday stacking rings on pegs to balance and finger grasp practice.

Sensory Table

Bracelets/small people, pots and measuring


"What connects to magnet horse shoe?,

Make Friendship snack mix

Balloon Badminton

Added books

I share, Manners, Hands Are Not for Hitting and Words are Not for Hitting.

Fun with All About Me - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on August 25, 2022 at 5:50 PM

We have been exploring us this week!  The children made some faces with yarn and eyes, made handprint flowers and cookie cutter people.  At group time, we have read many books about children and have talked about are likes and dislikes. 

Ms. Judy had Sally the squirrel (puppet) join group time today and she sang a song and read a book!

We've been having fun outside exploring the sand box and learning to use the foot stompers on the playground.

Back to School Fun - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on August 18, 2022 at 3:00 PM

Back To School

We introduced the theme of the week with a book called "Boomer Goes To School" named all the school materials posted on the Word Wall, what they are for, and how we use them.


The children made a School bus by gluing on wheels and stop sign, Jumbo pencil- the children glued on pencil tip and erasers to make pencil, Apples- painted paper plates red and added green stem top, Cork stamping with fall colors to make a tree, and Friday we will stamp with real apples.


Number apple craft sticks and play dough for counting and number recognition, Crayon counting- the children explored with crayon packs of 24 to dump and fill their box by counting as high as they can, ball towers to practice balancing, patterns, and stack by size, the children practiced counting with school pencils and containers-most of the children were able to count up to 13, and Friday we will discover parts of an apple{skin, flesh, stem, and leaf by cutting open.

Motor Development

School zipper pouches with paper school materials to practice zipping/unzipping and putting all the materials inside- practice finger grip/grasp. Pool noodles/tongs and pom poms to balance on top/working tongs open close squeeze motion, Geo boards- the children used rubber bands to stretch and place around Geo bards using fingers/hands and arm strength, we practice stringing with various size beads with shoe strings which challenged the children to try, and Friday we will do Animal Yoga outside to move in different directions and practice balance.


Apple jacks/buckets/shovels

Review classroom rules and introduce "Helping Hands"

Friday- make Healthy Trail Mix

Social Emotional/Science

Apple experiment- What keeps an apple from turning brown?

Building with Lego - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on August 11, 2022 at 3:10 PM

We introduced the theme by looking at various types of Legos (size, colors and types). We practiced naming all the colors and I had the children come find the color I named.

Tuesday-Swimming(last day)

Thursday- Morning walk

Friday- closed cleaning day


Stamping with Legos to make various impression on colored paper with white paint. Lego finger paint- the children Lego pattern with colored foam paint with their hands, and Thursday the children explored with paint markers on paper with various colors to make their own scribbles, designs, shapes and patterns.


Number Legos for building practice number recognition by counting, naming colors and create patterns, colored cups with colored Legos to practice matching Legos to cups, and Lego egg carton matching with small Legos to work on color recognition.

Motor Development

Play dough with small Legos to make impressions by pressing using fingers tips to build coordination and strength, colored pegs with boards for stacking, pressing and pulling a part, and contact paper on table with markers for drawing/making marks to practice finger grip and hand/finger motions.


Colored noodles with scoops

Social Emotional

Balancing baskets/Exploding Baggies science experiment

Music Fun - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on August 4, 2022 at 7:35 PM

Music Week

Tuesday- swimming

Wednesday- Classroom Outside

I introduced the theme with short video's, music and pictures to help the children have a visual and better understanding of different types of music. We also played various music on our record player.


The children painted on the Easel while listening to classical music, Music Note- glued different colored glitter on a music note, Cowboy Hat- The children will decorate a pattern hat to wear, and Friday we will make an 80's style microphone-decorate with gems, foil on a black tube.

Motor Development

The children explored with 3-4 piece puzzles-some with pictures on board to find fit and some without to encourage and work on problem-solving, balance boards- make various patterns to build and balance various shape/size small wooden pieces, spool threading to practice lacing with small hole openings to build eye-hand coordination/finger grasp and manipulation.


the children used real ice cream cones for stacking ice cream, counting, name colors and make patterns, the children used small Uno cards and colored coded clothes pins to match same color pin to card to practice color recognition, play dough w/ number magnets to press onto play dough to make number impressions.

Sensory Table

Water w/ sea animals/ducks


Fun Bubbles experiment

Water Balloon Toss outside

Make Avocado Banana Pops for snack

Fun in July with Christmas - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on July 28, 2022 at 1:50 PM

Christmas in July



X-mas Tree- The children painted a tree pattern with their finger tips with various colors decorating with lights, the children made ornaments by gluing on glitter with ribbon for hanging, we marbled painted with bells, red paint and green paper, and tomorrow we will make Holiday wreath's.


X-mas ducks with x-mas buckets- The children practiced counting with the small rubber x-mas ducks by placing them in the bucket one at a time. The children practiced balancing small/large solo cups to make patterns, the children practiced their colors by exploring with number pegs boards to match colors while stacking them all on the same same color peg, and tomorrow the children will use math tiles to count, line up and explore number recognition.

Motor development

Holiday x-mas mail boxes with Santa cards for pretend mailing working fingers to open and close box, put cards in and take out of the box, We practiced opening and closing mitten purses using thumb and index fingers while putting coins in purse, the children manipulated pipe cleaners in and out of Santa Hats to practice {weaving-lacing}, and tomorrow we will practice more lacing with X-Mas lacing cards.

Sensory Table

Snow w / buckets/bells/scoops

Social Emotional

Made Blueberry Smoothies-Thursday

Make X-mas cookies on Friday

Sports - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on July 21, 2022 at 3:25 PM


Coach Charlotte- Monday Golf

Swimming -Tuesday

Classroom Outside- Wed, Thurs & Friday


Marble painted baseballs, made Ice Hockey rink by gluing on black circles and colored craft sticks for Hockey sticks, Football- painted brown football shape and glued on white stripes, and tomorrow the children will make Soccer balls -Koosh ring painting w/ black paint.


Different from plan

Various size/textured stacking blocks to make patterns, colored dinosaurs for matching colors, wedgits to make pyramid shapes, red/black play dough w/ bowling craft sticks.

Motor Development

Sports lacing cards-baseball/football/basketball/soccer foam cards with shoe strings to practice lacing/eye-hand coordination and grip, craft sticks and various size plastic lids to hit back and forth with a peer on the table or by self- this helps with eye-hand coordination and directions, Lacing rigatoni with colored pipe cleaners- allows the the children to build fine motor skills with materials that have small openings, and Friday the children will use crayons and small marbles to pretend bowl- the children will work to make crayons stand up and knock them over by rolling a small marble. Directions of objects and eye-hand coordination come into play.

Sensory Table- Various size sports balls, rice, buckets and shovels

Social Emotional

Balloon Hockey on the play ground-Thursday

We will make Blueberry smoothies instead of "sports drink" children requested

Parade outside w/ instruments- Friday

Construction Fun - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on July 14, 2022 at 4:10 PM


Monday- Coach Charlotte

Tuesday- Swimming

Wednesday- Classroom Outside

Friday- Classroom Outside


The children painted with Construction trucks with yellow paint on black paper to make various tracks, and Friday we will make a car/road collage.


the children worked with various size blocks and play construction tools to pretend build/measure/cut, number construction trucks and roads to follow patterns moving trucks in various directions, and Friday the children will match colored tool boxes with colored paper to recognize colors.

Motor Development

The children practiced lacing large foam construction tools to hold string with fingers and tool lacing cards in the other hand to build eye-hand coordination, we worked with holding scissors while making cuts or slits on paper, and Friday the children will explore with various size balls by catching/throwing to peers and teachers. This helps with direction and coordination with certain parts of the body.


Sand, mini construction trucks and rocks

Social Emotional

Reviewed construction signs: Stop, yield, at work, construction zone

Feeling Cards- we looked at various feeling cards, modeled expressions and named feelings


We will do an obstacle course with cones and weave in and out outside

Make Stop Light fruit cup with strawberries, pineapples and green grapes

Farm Week - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on July 7, 2022 at 4:25 PM

Farm Week

We introduced the theme with a Farm felt board, song and picture book with various things you find on a farm.

Classroom outside- Tuesday & Friday

Swimming -Tuesday


Paper plate sheep- painted with black paint/ Brillo pads covering the entire plate/glued on cotton balls, Chick tracks- use a chick foot stamper to makes tracks on white paper with yellow paint and Friday, we will make mud prints stamping with pig animals/brown paint pink paper.


Block connectors to practice snapping together to build and strength fingers/hands/make color patterns and build, wooden towers with colored beads to practice counting, lining up same color beads and Friday, the children will work with various size tiles to make own creation while lining up and counting as high as they can.

Motor Development

The children practiced using scissors w/ paper to build hand/finger grasp, Egg sorters to match shapes on egg to egg carton, and Friday the children will work with waffle/Lego blocks to make a "Pig Pen" for their farm animals.


Red water w/ farm animals/large and small, watering cans/animal pails.

Social Emotional

Friday we will pretend to milk a cow using a glove and fill it with milk-take turn squeezing the "Udders" and watch the milk squirt out.

Classroom outside Friday

Make Mud Pies