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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Dinosaurs - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on December 1, 2022 at 3:35 PM

Dinosaur Week

We introduced the them with 5 different types of Dinosaurs with colors to practice both. We named the Dinosaurs at group time and I had the children point to the Dinosaurs named.


This week the children have made the following Dinosaur art; marble painted on green paper with orange paint, glued a cracked Dino egg with die cut shaped dinosaurs, glued the letter "D" on Dinosaur pattern with glitter, paint paper plates and glued on long neck and eyes to make own Dinosaur and tomorrow, the children will make hand print Dinosaurs on paper.


The children practiced matching Dinosaur cards by matching by the same colors and type of Dinosaur , counting Dino dots by placing colored pom-poms on top of the dots/making colored patterns by using the same colors or two different colors, Dino bone grid boards- the children placed Q-tips on Dino to match up the bones and count how many Q-tips used. and tomorrow, the children will practice counting with pipe cleaners and number beads by lacing and number recognition.

Motor Development

Dinosaur large cut out with stickers to practice peeling and using fine motor skills, Mini Dinosaurs with buckets and tongs to practice open and close motions with fingers, Dinosaur grid line tracing with markers to practice tracing various lines and tomorrow the children will explore with play dough and dinosaur foot stamps to make impressions on play dough.

Sensory Table

Small Dinosaurs with grass and colored rocks

Social Emotional Activities

Dinosaur Stomp

Dinosaur Egg Roll

T-Rex Says(Simon Says)

Obstacle Course

Safety Review

Holding grown ups hand when crossing the parking lot

Families Week - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on November 17, 2022 at 2:40 PM

Families Week

No art Tuesday due to picture day

We introduced the theme by naming family members and looking at all of our family photos posted in the quiet corner, and sang "We are Family" song.


The children sponge painted on colored paper pattern houses making rectangle shapes for windows and doors, made our Turkey Hats for Thanksgiving feast tomorrow, make a Family photo frame out of crafts sticks and decorate, and Friday we will make a portrait out of hand prints and glue the word FAMILY on it.


The children explored with finger puppets putting on fingers and counting, colored various size bears to make patterns and compare sizes, made our Pumpkin Mousse for feast, family picture cards for sorting and matching and Friday we will practice shapes with shape wall hunt.

Motor Development

Rainbow people connectors to practice pushing together and pulling a part, Q-tips with colanders to push throw the holes using 2 finger grasp and pulling out, bubble wrap stomping- we used bubble wrap and placed it on the floor to stomp and pop the bubbles,, cork drop, the children will drop corks into plastic bottles and shake them out, Health & Wellness Freeze Hold Up Fruit game.


Mommy & Daddy Says{Simon Says}

Fruit Dice

Rainbow Volcano

Friday- We will make Guacamole

Theme Week Fun - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on November 10, 2022 at 3:30 PM

Theme Week

Each day is a different theme and we introduced the theme by sharing what the children brought in to wear at group time.


The children made their own sunglasses by coloring their sunglasses pattern and glued on foil for shades, painted under the table laying on our backs, Wednesday/Thursday we made our big Turkey by painting and gluing on feathers to hang in front window, and Friday we will make a Mickey Mouse headband for Disney day.


The children explored with 2 different kinds of tiles to build with, Color Dino snaps to practice matching colors, animal counters w/ scoops to practice squeezing and opening, Unifix blocks to make patterns. and color hat matching to practice naming/recognizing colors.

Motor Development

We practice cutting with scissors and brown paper bags to practice holding scissors correctly ,rings and peg sticks to practice sliding down the rings, practiced lacing with shoe strings and clothing boards to manipulate string in holes, and Friday we will work with Mr. Potato Heads to fit pieces in various spots.

Social Emotional

Activity- Piled hats in middle of group time and had the children name other friends hats and find yours

Friday- Hair graph ask children their hair color?

animal Yoga

We have been singing Thanksgiving songs: "Hello Tommy Turkey How are you? , "Turkey Dinner", "A Turkey is a Funny Bird"

Talking about what we are Thankful for

Working on manners at meal times- saying" Please & Thank You"

Learning About the World - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on November 3, 2022 at 11:55 AM

We introduced the theme with a globe and pictures/print representing all the countries we will be learning about.(Africa, London, Chinese and Arabic. We will be making art related to the theme too.

Monday- Halloween Trick or Treating and Halloween games in the great room


The children made African masks by gluing on feathers and decorating with glitter/sparkles, London Bus- glued windows and wheels to red paper to resemble a Double Decker Bus, Chinese Drum- The children will decorate and paint paper plates red and fill with beans and Friday, we will decorate the letter "D" with feathers and pieces to represent a "chicken".


The children practiced peeling dot stickers and placed them on the spots on Giraffe plastic animals to build finger grasp, During activity time the children worked with an interactive number bus game by placing number cards to the windows on the double decker bus to practice number matching and recognition, Chinese New Year pattern match to match symbols to board and Friday, we will guess animals sounds we hear.

Motor Development

Basket weaving- The children used ribbon to practice weaving in and out of baskets{eye-hand coordination & finger manipulation}, we used small bus counters to make tracks in sand by moving the bus in various directions, we introduced chop sticks to the children and 2 different ways to hold them to pick up pom-poms and place inside party boxes and Friday, we will do Freeze dance moving our whole bodies to directions.


Safari animals w/ scoops, boxes and noodles

Social Emotional

African dancing to drums

Parachute outside to Chinese music

Animal Yoga

Health & Wellness

Discuss winter fruits and fruits available in the winter

Ghosts & Pumpkins - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on October 27, 2022 at 2:30 PM


I introduced the theme with songs, pictures, games and lots of singing!


the children made a ghost by gluing on cotton balls to black paper, Pumpkin cookie cutter stamping with black paper and orange paint, Witch- painted paper plate green, glued on hat, nose, teeth and black yarn for hair and Friday, we will make a Skeleton out of Q-tips.

Fine Motor

Witch baskets with small pumpkin eraser's and tongs to practice grasp and open/close motions, practiced counting with Halloween pencils and pumpkin containers, Candy corn stickers w/ orange paper to peel stickers using fingers, and Friday we will do Candy Corn experiment.


We explored a pumpkin by cutting open and exploring the insides and took all the seeds out{all the children had a turn}, counting pumpkins w/ candy corn-placed each one on the number of dots on the pumpkins, Halloween treat bags w/ tongs and wrapped candy for counting and filling up bags

Sensory Table

Orange rice, rubber bats, Skeletons, Halloween buckets, shovels and Halloween bracelets

Songs: Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on the gate, 5 Pumpkins, The Ghost says Boo!, 5 Little Witches

Books: Five Black Cats, Ten Little Pumpkins, Clifford's Halloween, The Spooky Wheels on The Bus, Pete The Cat Trick or Treat.


Ring Around the Witch, Eye ball toss w/ Pumpkin Buckets, Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss, Ghost Marshmallow experiment.

All About Numbers - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on October 20, 2022 at 2:50 PM


We introduced Numbers theme by counting and using a Number board 1-10. We practice daily at both group times and do various activities so the children are actively encaged and having opportunities learn, begin to recognize, recognize and name numbers through fun activities.


Number collage- glued numbers 1-5 on paper with various colors, Number 2- painted #2 with paint sticks, Cookie- children glued on chocolate chips on round paper with #5 on it and Friday, Make a Lady Bug by gluing on 10 black spots and paint red.


At the math table the children explored with mini number Uno cards and numbered clothespins to match numbers, recognize and or for just exposure, Number crafts sticks to put into pocket folders, count and number recognition, Lady bug number wooden puzzles to make fit by manipulating the same number and Friday, Counting Buttons with boards.

Motor Development

Jumbo clips to practice grip, finger placement and open and close motions, magnet wands and paper clips to manipulate and connect as many clips as they can ,numbered cupcake liners/pom poms and tongs to practice squeezing the tongs and Friday, we will stack numbered cups in various directions and add small cups.

Sensory Table

Colored water w/ bubbles, jumbo plastic numbers, ladles and bowls


Find the numbered objects around the room

Review 5 Food Groups

Hopscotch with masking tape and numbers- take turns jumping and name number

Fun with Nursery Rhymes - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on October 13, 2022 at 4:25 PM

Nursery Rhymes

I introduced the theme with various Nursery Rhyme songs and had the children guess and tell me the name of the songs. I introduced a different song each day, with theme related activities.


Hot Cross Buns- The children used koosh rings to stamp on brown paper with white paint, Jack be nimble- glued materials to make their own candle- Ba Ba Black Sheep- Glued cotton on black sheep pattern, Itsy-Bitsy-Spider- glued spout, spider and sun and Friday Humpty-Dumpty- glue arms/legs and band aids to put Humpty- Dumpty back together again.


Money sorting with jumbo plastic coins, Candle craft stick counting with numbers and round foam blocks, Sheep counting with cotton balls and clothespins , spider leg cups to practice counting as they poked black pipe cleaners into foam cups.

Motor Development

Muffin tins with white/brown play dough to press into tins working fingers and pulling apart, real candles with foam bowls to make stand up by poking, sheep wrapping- the children practiced wrapping yarn around the cardboard sheep to practice over and under motions and egg drop with tubes.


Glitter sand, spoons, plates and cows(-Hey Diddle, Diddle)


Pretend jumping over the candle stick

Crawling up the spout and rolling down on floor

My Plate puzzle

Hard boiled egg Vs. raw egg- which one will break?

Exercise Cube

All About Community Helpers - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on October 6, 2022 at 3:00 PM

Community Helpers/Fire Safety

We introduced the theme with picture cards of various Community Helpers and had a Doctor visit us and tell us all about what he does.


Painted with Police cars, made fir hats by painting red and adding a badge, made Donuts by spreading real frosting on paper donut and adding real sprinkles, made a First Aid bag by gluing on bandages, cotton balls, Q-tips and colored band aids, and tomorrow we will paint with tooth paste.


Stick colored bears and practiced matching with colored band aids, Fireman number cards- practiced recognition of numbers by naming them and matching the same numbers, Colored donut ring to organize from large to small and small to large using the peg stick, Magnet numbers on magnet chalk board and tomorrow we will practice counting with Alligator's teeth.

Motor Development

We practiced balancing with red fireman cups, flipped the cookies using small spatulas and cookie sheets, foam blocks with pretend thermometers to make stand by pushing down onto the foam block, and tomorrow we will practice tooth brushing using big jumbo blocks.

Sensory Table

Sand, Construction trucks and rocks


We will make a blue cake per children's request

Continue to practice STOP, DROP AND ROLL

Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck song and movement

Crawl the ladder on the floor

Pirate Fun - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on September 29, 2022 at 3:20 PM


We introduced the theme with a Pirate song and dance called "Silly Pirate". We posted a picture of a Pirate on the word wall with print and pretended to be pirates wearing eye patches and saying "ARGH....".


The children made treasure boxes by stamping with clear cups and yellow paint to make round circles for coins on brown paper, made Telescopes by painting black tubes with yellow paint and sprinkling glitter on top, Pirate Hat- The children colored their hat with crayons and glued on Pirate ship or skull with crossbones, Pirate Ship- Painted a paper plate brown. glued on pole, flag and white hand print on top of the flag, Friday- Pirate- glue on various materials felt hat, eyes, patch and mustache.


Pirate Treasure maps with gems for counting, placing on various items when they found them{treasure, telescope, ship, }, counting treasure coins with treasure boxes one by one as they placed them inside the box, Magnet numbers with cookie sheets to practice number recognition, and Friday match the colored coins while counting and count the coins gathered,

Motor Development

Coins with black velvet bags w/ draw strings to pull open and apart with hands/fingers to manipulate and strengthen grasp, various cups with Pirate tooth picks for poking, stacking/building to balance cups, egg cartons with scoops and gems to practice finger grasp and eye-hand coordination, magnet fishing- the children used colored magnet wands to pick up as many fish as they could using their magnets and Friday, we will lace using pirate lacing cards and shoe strings to practice.

Sensory Table

Sand, gems, coins, treasure boxes and small silver spoons for scooping


Walk the Plank- The children walked the blue line on the floor and balance beam

Treasure Hunt- Friday- the children will try and find the hidden coins outside

Pirate snack- We will make apple and cheese boats

Fall - Older Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on September 22, 2022 at 9:50 AM


We introduced the theme by talking about fall, what we will begin to start seeing, leaves changes colors, falling down, cool weather and we read to books about Fall and Apple Pie.


the children made their own "Corn" by gluing on stalk and cheerios, Fall Wreath- we used gold plates and decorate by gluing on various colorful leaves, Fall Tree- The children used corks to stamp on tree trunk to make their own trees, Leaf Stamping- We used cookie cutters to stamp on paper with yellow, green, orange and red paint, and Friday the children will glue on brown paper squares to Acorn shape.


We practiced counting by using apple sticks and foam blocks to make stand up and count at the same time, Acorn counting with containers with slit on lids to drop in as the children practice counting, apple seed counting-place the paper seeds on the apples and count the seeds, and Friday we will cut open a Squash to explore.

Motor Development

We practiced stringing rigatoni to build and strengthen grasp, play dough with cutters and rolling pins for rolling back and forth using both or one hand, Leaf lacing with pipe cleaners to practice stinging, peel stickers on place on big tree to practice using fingers to peel stickers off, and Friday we will play Food Twister to move, balance and keep standing using whole body.

Sensory Table

Rice/noodles/fruit7 veggie counters/shovels and buckets


Instead of making squash soup, the children asked to make an Apple Pie- so we will make Apple pie on Friday. We will still explore the insides of a Squash.

Food Cards- Healthy or unhealthy

Cover Your Cough- Model steps and have children practice all week