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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

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America - Summer School Age

Posted by [email protected] on June 30, 2022 at 5:45 PM

This week's theme is America the Beautiful and we made a picture of our flag, made fireworks using paint, drew a picture of the Statue of Liberty, and we did fuse beads.. We talked about what we will be doing for the 4th of July; some friends said they are spending time with their families or going to see the fireworks. The children made paper wands, owls, fake money, origami animals, etc. They have been busy bees playing and creating items! We have been reading books silently or as a group during nap time so they we do not disturb the other children who are taking naps in other classrooms. We have been talking about different things about the 4th of July and I told the children that there will be a parade and our center is participating in the parade; some said that they are either participating or watching the parade. However, they said they are very excited that we have the day off because they did not want to miss the fireworks.

Mud Day was a success! The children had fun playing in the water and/or mud with their siblings or friends from other classrooms. It was a little bit cold but that did not stop them from having fun. The best part was ice cream! The Summer School Age children were so nice to let the little ones go first to get ice cream! I was so proud of them because I did not tell them to let the little ones go. They were so gentle around the little ones and helped as needed.

We did not have too many field trips due to being off Monday but we went to Weaving Supply Co and the children made terrariums and they had so much fun creating their own terrariums!

As a reminder, please make sure your children have sunscreen prior to arrival and they have comfortable shoes. We will reapply sunscreen while on the field trip. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me!

America the Beautiful - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on June 30, 2022 at 5:45 PM

This week was all about our wonderful country! We "traveled" all over America with the help of the iPad. We heard lots of stories and learned about lots of different states. We did a lot of research on the attractions in Washington DC and our flag. We learned that there are 13 stripes for the original 13 states and 50 stars for the 50 states. We learned that Betsy Ross made the first flag. For some of our activities, we made some red and blue pendants for the window and will be making a red, white and blue creation on Friday. Our math has been all about numbers. We rolled a die and compared it to our peer's to see who had a higher number. We also built with Legos and added some when we rolled a die. Our language was all about writing! We wrote words like: America, 4th of July, birthday and holiday. We are getting so good at writing with purpose and precision. Our field trips were at the Botanical Gardens and Prestons Hope. We had a blast on mud day and stayed pretty clean! We shared our plans for the holiday and what we plan on eating to celebrate America's birthday! Here's wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

Celebrating America - Pre-School

Posted by [email protected] on June 30, 2022 at 5:45 PM

It is all about the land we love this week. Tuesday in art the children glued blue and red tissue paper to white paper, and in math the children sequenced stars in order by size. Tuesday was our walk day, and we took advantage of it not being too hot and went for a bit longer walk, walking up Belle, over to Marlowe and down to Detroit and back to St. Charles and up to the center. Yesterday as our annual Mud Day play! There was lots of mud, and lots of water, AND a fun splash pad! To cap off the mud day fun we ended it with ice cream treats!! Today was a swimming day! Prior to swimming the children worked with small motor materials such as tongs to pick up small frogs, a tower builder that's connected and moves in different ways and we put out buckets of rice for the children to explore as well. Tomorrow in art the children will paint with forks to create fireworks! In language the children will dictate what they will do on the Fourth of July and in math the children will create patterns with red, white and blue chips. All week the children worked with paper and scissors in the4 sensory table; another fun small motor activity to strengthen their small muscles.

Exploring Parks - Summer School Age

Posted by [email protected] on June 23, 2022 at 4:15 PM

This week's theme is Summer because the first day of summer was on Tuesday. We went to Linden Park, Kauffman Park, and Bohlken Park. We had so much fun because we were able to play on the climbers, swing on the swing set, roll the down the hill, etc. Kauffman Park was redone and it looks amazing! The children pretended they were Spiderman because of all the climbing they were able to do! The children used the field toys, played Uno, and made pictures. We made sure we drank plenty of water because it was hot! The children made magnets and did a spinning art project at Weaving Supply Co. There were so excited to do these projects and they wanted to take their stuff home immediately but we had to wait until everything dried.

On the non-field trip days, the children were busy creating pictures, making pretend money, playing games such as Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land. I noticed that the children were reading DogMan book and it seems to be very popular with the children because there's a how-to manual to drawing pictures! It was so interesting and it makes me happy to see them reading the books! We made a blueprint of our dream playgrounds and we made a sun with glitter. The children played with various toys in the classroom and they were building with blocks, magna-tiles, and Lincoln Logs. It was a fun and busy week!

Please make sure your child has sunscreen prior to coming to school and please make sure they have closed toed shoes on so that any debris doesn't cut their foot and/or toe(s). Have your child check their small cubbies for any papers they want to take home. It tends to fill up quickly!

Summer Time Vibes - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on June 23, 2022 at 4:15 PM

Summer time vibes!! This week was all about summer. We watched a fun video talking about summer and we learned that the first day of summer which was the 21st is called the summer solstice. We also learned that the days are longer in the summer as well! This week we did a fun experiment since it has been hot out where we put a car, rubber ducks, jolly rancher and gummi bears out on the plate to see what will melt first. So far, it is the jolly rancher and gummi bears. This week the children worked on letter recognition and letter sounds at language. We took a beach ball and put letters on it and tossed it to each other. The letter that their one hand landed on, they had to recognize the letter and then come up with a word that starts with that letter. We also worked on number recognition this week by recognizing the number on the ice cream cone and added that many pom poms to it to make the ice cream scoops. There's nothing better than ice cream in the summer time! With that being said, the friends have been making ice cream in the sensory bin using plastic spoons, pom poms, small containers and shaving cream! Some of our friends went to safety town and taught those who did not go what they learned for the day. We also had a swim day and went on two awesome field trips this week. We went to Rocky River Beach Park and Linden Park. We had a blast this week learning about summer and playing with our peers. We hope that everyone has an awesome weekend and we will continue the pre-k fun next week!

~Chasity and Tara~

Kicking Off Summer - Young Toddler

Posted by [email protected] on June 23, 2022 at 4:10 PM

What a way to kick off summer! This week was so exciting as we talked and learned all about summer! In language and literacy this week, we colored on the letter "S" for summer, we wrote with chalk on chalkboards, we stamped letters on paper, we wrote on magnetic writing boards, and we read various books about summer. In math and science this week, we mixed water and paint and froze them to make ice paint, we counted insects and used tongs to sort them, we mixed juice together and froze it to make popsicles, and we collected items outside and placed them on our sticky wall to see which ones would stick and which ones would fall. To work o n our motor development this week, we fit straws into the bottom of cups, we did an obstacle course, we threaded beads on strings, and we stacked pool noodle pieces. In art this week, we painted over our names, we painted with chalk and water, we painted with ice paint, and we painted using spray bottles. The children really enjoyed using different mediums to paint. We also went over pool safety this week and blew bubbles outside. The children played with shovels and pail and pasta noodles inside our sensory table and we added some fun cars and trucks to the block area for them to play with as well. Tomorrow we will color on flowers, count using large dominos, have a pretend summer picnic, and paint outside on a shower curtain.

Summer - Infant

Posted by [email protected] on June 23, 2022 at 4:10 PM

This week in the infant classroom the theme is Summer! We have explored quite a bit but here are a few of our favorite activities from the week. The group enjoyed singing different types of songs but it was fun to sing “Oh Mr. Sun” as a group as we looked outside at the sunshine, light and shadows on our infant patio! The group explored mini rings and practiced letting go of the rings inside drop boxes. The group also explored yellow jumbo crayons on paper and we talked about the sun and other yellow objects and animals like bananas or ducks! We also loved reaching for and popping bubbles together in small groups. It has been a wonderful week but we look forward to ending our week with swimming on Friday, and a new theme on Monday. Until next time.

Summer Fun - Summer School Age

Posted by [email protected] on June 19, 2022 at 1:05 PM

This week, we explored 3 parks - Bain Park, Scenic Park and Clague Park.  We checked out the playgrounds, did some walks in the woods and played a long game of UNO!  Coach Charlotte made her way back to LCCC and we had honed our football skills!

We visited Weaving Supply and Studio and made snow globes!  The creativity was amazing!

It's All About You, Dad - Pre-K

Posted by [email protected] on June 19, 2022 at 1:05 PM

This week we prepared for Father's Day! We kept busy making a special gift to show our dad's how much we love them! We also painted rocks that said, "You Rock Dad!" and did some paint resist! We kept busy everyday with an activity too! Monday we had water play day, Tuesday and Thursday were field trip days and Wednesday and Friday were Coach Charlotte days! For some math activities, we put "sprinkles" on a doughnut and played with dominoes. We practiced our writing skills at the language table by writing out words like "dad", "grandpa", "uncle" and "Happy Father's Day". We had some packing peanuts and marbles in the sensory bin all week. That was something different and fun and many spent a lot of time there being creative. When we were here, we spent time outside on the playground and even spent some time watching the landscapers cutting some of the bushes. Such excitement for some of us! Next week will be fun with new parks to go to and we will taking the parachute out to play for something new and exciting! Here's wishing all of the dad's a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY from all of us!

Celebrating Dad - Pre-School

Posted by [email protected] on June 19, 2022 at 1:05 PM

It's been a week all about dad! Monday in art the children painted with blue paint and in language they matched lettered ties. We took a morning walk around the block and the children did a nice job holding their partner's hand and it was a nice change of scenery for the children to see outside the center with their peers. The children also learned some new yoga poses with Ms. Meghan: tree pose, frog, downward dog and they learned another fun breath, the lion! Tuesday in art the children painted with stamps and in math they worked with a 1 to 1 correspondence grid and colored gems. At group time the children helped come up with words that start with the letter D such as deer, duck, dishwasher, dog, and donut! Wednesday in art the children painted with more blue and in language they shared some things about their dad's, be sure to read them in the window! Coach Charlotte came and the children learned and practiced some basic football throwing, Today was the perfect day for a swim! They had so much fun and the4 best part was seeing them all take a break sitting on their towels with a cup of water, just chillin'! Tomorrow in art the children will marble paint and in math they will engage in fathers day bingo.